I am E_bookpushers and I am addicted to books. I have to thank my mother for my addiction because one of my fondest memories involves bedtime stories. No, I am not talking about Dr. Seuss, Bernstein Bears or Madeline, those were daytime learn to read books, but I am talking about Tolkien, Richard Adams and Asimov… 


Thanks to my mother’s open mindedness I did not grow up a genre snob. While I tend to read and enjoy SF/F in its various permutations, romance and its sub-genres I also read and enjoy westerns, murder mysteries etc. If a book can capture my attention, spark my imagination; carry me into a different world/reality than I am willing to give it a try. So bring on your recommendations so I can update my TBR list.


Happy reading!

After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna Very enjoyable read. Probably 4.5 stars. I loved how they were both "ordinary" people and while they came from messed up backgrounds, it wasn't used as an excuse/reason to justify what they liked. Kelly was big, strong, calm, intense and while he liked to control things in the bedroom it wasn't a constant. Erin was small, feisty, with a huge heart and a temper but she also tried to control her life in the past. Together they discovered that sometimes not being in control was a very good thing.

I had a couple of different favorite scenes. When they were in the bar and Kelly was trying to convince Erin to spend the weekend with him. The start to the weekend as Kelly let Erin get comfortable and decide when she was ready for him to start calling the shots. They conversation at the end of the book.

And the smexy-times were extremely intense! They were all Kelly dominating either which to me made them all the more refreshing.

I also liked that the subplot with Erin's sister and her baby daddy wasn't resolved. I had the sense of some potential forward movement but there wasn't an insta-fix so that aspect felt more in tune with the established characters.

The Psychiatric Hospital was part of the setting. Time wasn't spent dwelling on the patients' illnesses and manifestations. It was more focused on how it was part of the everyday life working there. The hope that some would get better. The joy in establishing a rapport with them. The awareness that anything the patients did/said wasn't directed at the staff personally but as part of why they were there. Everyone cared and didn't ridicule the patients in any way which was another thing that I really liked.

I think I am going to have to start hitting up her backlist... *grin*

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