I am E_bookpushers and I am addicted to books. I have to thank my mother for my addiction because one of my fondest memories involves bedtime stories. No, I am not talking about Dr. Seuss, Bernstein Bears or Madeline, those were daytime learn to read books, but I am talking about Tolkien, Richard Adams and Asimov… 


Thanks to my mother’s open mindedness I did not grow up a genre snob. While I tend to read and enjoy SF/F in its various permutations, romance and its sub-genres I also read and enjoy westerns, murder mysteries etc. If a book can capture my attention, spark my imagination; carry me into a different world/reality than I am willing to give it a try. So bring on your recommendations so I can update my TBR list.


Happy reading!

Naked in Death - J.D. Robb Review originally posted at: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/04/18/retro-review-naked-in-death-by-j-d-robb/

I had forgotten I had scheduled a Retro Review for today until my calendar popped up yesterday. All my reminder said for the book title was TBD, I searched my kindle looking for TBD and then I realized that TBD (To Be Determined) meant when I scheduled the review I hadn’t decided on a book. So I started thinking and I came up with two possibilities a western or a J. D. Robb. Both I enjoy reading and re-reading so I decided that instead of flipping a coin I would ask some totally unbiased people. I raised a very scientifically worded, unambiguous question on twitter and tallied the results. I had 100% +/- 3% variance on J. D. Robb. Thank you @JoannaMikalis and @smexys_sidekick for your opinions. The western I will review another time.

Publisher: Berkley Books
Publish Date: 1995
How I got this book: Purchased

Eve Dallas is a New York police lieutenant using her instincts to hunt for a ruthless killer. And she’s going against every warning telling her not to get involved with Roarke, an Irish billionaire—and a suspect in Eve’s murder investigation. But passion and seduction have rules of their own.
This blurb came from the author’s website here.

Naked In Death is book one of probably the longest running series I have read except for the Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys series. It took me a while to pick this one up in fact I think probably four or five of them had been released before I decided to give the series a try. I am so glad that I took a chance because I have had hours of laughter, tension, tears, and sexytimes as I read, re-read and listen to this series during long drives. The In Death series is set in a futuristic Earth primarily based in New York City.

Eve is such a complex character with her passion for the law, by the book behavior and insistence on standing for the dead since they cannot stand for themselves. She didn’t care what that person did in life, their stature in society, who they knew or were related to. Any speculation that she treated a murder victim differently based on their stature resulted in an immediate increase in her temper. Eve’s very stubbornness, while serving her well as she progressed through the ranks, was also her downfall when it came to taking care of herself or playing the political game. Eve lives for her job so she doesn’t have a social life or any clue how to deal with a guy who isn’t a co-worker, a witness or a suspect. This makes it even more entertaining when she encounters Roarke.

I hope you will forgive me as I pause for a moment to pay mental homage to Roarke. He happens to be my personal favorite romantic hero that I have ever read. Eve first encounters Roarke’s name in the appointment book of one of her murder victims a Sharon DeBlass whose occupation was a licensed companion (legalized prostitute, very high end) and who happened to be the granddaughter of Senator DeBlass a very influential, very conservative, and very used to throwing his political weight around man. Roarke was one of the last few meetings that the victim had written in her appointment book. That combined with the extreme lack of information available to Eve during her background search ensured he was one of Eve’s suspects.

Their first encounter at Sharon’s funeral happens to strike sparks. Roarke can’t believe that he didn’t spot Eve as a cop instead of an attractive woman and Eve can’t believe how arrogant Roarke is. Roarke does discover Eve’s weakness when he offers her real coffee on the flight back into NYC. Her reaction to the coffee leads to the very first gift he gives her. Their relationship grows as the twists and turns into what appears to be a serial murder investigation become more complex. Eve also has to deal with political pressure coming from Senator DeBlass and from the Chief of Police outside her precinct. As Eve and Roarke start to spend time together things keep happening to place Roarke at the top of the suspect list and therefore discredit her investigation based on her personal behavior.

I loved the interaction that Eve and Roarke had with each other. I was also introduced to several key reoccurring characters in this series. Those supporting characters also continue to change and grow as Eve and Roarke change and grow. They help to solidify the setting and how complex people really are. I was also not let down by the mystery of determining who the murderer was. The answer to that question was really complex but I could mentally go back and trace the threads as Eve was closing the case. I highly recommend that if you enjoy romance, mystery, strong characters, and a vivid world that you give the In Death series a try. Make sure you start with Naked In Death so you don’t miss anything. In fact I think since I have just re-read this one I need to start re-reading the series again *grin*.

I give Naked In Death an A+

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